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The Benefits of Going “Tankless”

Tankless water heaters, or “on-demand” water heaters have been around for a while now. Most homeowners associate them with convenience, power, and the efficiency of having access to hot water without the need for a tank. This is good news for a lot of our potential customers, because due to their popularity, on-demand water heaters are becoming increasingly more affordable. It’s more common to have a tankless system set up in your home, rather than having to default to a storage-tank water heater.

The truth is that these water heaters are not for everyone. Some homes will actually function a lot better with a storage-tank water heater. But in order to understand the difference, we’d like to cover the basic benefits of going tankless, and why it might be a great option for your home.

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Four Major Benefits of an On-Demand System

  • Unlimited access to hot water. Don’t you hate it when your shower abruptly turns cold, or when your dishwasher fails to do a great job washing the dishes from last night’s dinner because it didn’t have any hot water? This doesn’t really happen with an on-demand water heater, because it heats the water as it enters your home. This means you have access to hot water for as long as you’d like!
  • Less maintenance, and high durability. Storage tank water heaters are in constant contact with the water, which means they suffer from problems of corrosion. This is almost unavoidable. However, an on-demand water heater has less contact with water, meaning it’s components can last longer and won’t suffer from wear and tear as much.
  • More efficient operation. Since a tankless water heater doesn’t have to worry about keeping a tank full of water hot, it runs more efficiently and doesn’t use as much energy or fuel as more conventional units.
  • Can be sized for your home. Every on-demand water heater will be sized appropriately for the family and home that it’s providing hot water for. This means that we can set it up so it will even provide hot water for multiple appliances at a time, it just requires professional installation and support.

They’re Not for Everyone

Tankless water heating systems aren’t for everyone. They’ll take a few seconds or even a minute to give you hot water since the water isn’t coming from a readily available tank. And, tankless water heaters do cost more money to install than traditional tank systems, so if you’re on a budget they might not be right for you.

Start a conversation with our team of professionals to get your new water heating system today. We can set you up with the specific water heater that’s right for your home, taking into account your personal preferences and your home’s access to natural gas or electricity.

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