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Our Team Genuinely Cares

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We genuinely care about our customers, employees and community. We prioritize the customer experience and want every call, estimate, and install to be just that … an experience. We love the people we work with and the people we work for. For us it is always about the people.

What’s it like to work with SoCo?

Over the Top Customer Service

At SoCo Heating and Cooling, we are a customer service organization that happens to do HVAC. You are always our highest priority. We work tirelessly to train our staff to create a customized concierge experience for all of our customers.

Premium Products

We have partnered with Daikin, the world’s leading manufacturer of HVAC systems. Their furnaces, air conditioners, and mini splits are of the highest quality, and the newest technology on the market. Not only do they offer traditional solutions, but also the compact high efficiency FIT air conditioner and the newest solution to heating and cooling VRV Life.

Love of Learning and Teaching

We are an entire team of HVAC nerds. We love furnaces, air conditioners, mini splits, humidifiers … all of it. It excites us. We are always looking for new solutions and new technology to bring you the best in comfort and indoor air quality. The best part is, we love to share that with you!

Our Story

Ben and Christy opened SoCo Heating and Cooling in January of 2017. At that time, Ben had been in the industry for over a decade and Christy grew up in an HVAC family. After watching the industry shift from helping people to sales-based models, they felt they had to do something. Their goal is to restore the spirit of the HVAC industry. Along with their excellent staff, they work hard to provide excellent customer service, high-quality honest repairs, and premium installations with the best technology available.

Together, we have created a company that is super-active in the community we serve, has happy employees, and provides honest, accurate solutions in the best way possible. We were just a company that was started at the kitchen table, with big dreams of changing the industry, but today we’ve hired an incredible team of technicians and support staff who have the heart and knowledge it takes to truly stand out and care for our community in a way that would make Christy’s dad proud.

SoCo owners

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