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Complimentary Assessments

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Call us nerds, but we believe in education over selling. When you invite SoCo into your home our first responsibility is to help educate you. Our purpose is helping homeowners understand their home and their home comfort options.

Everything we do is about educating you and building a long-term relationship forged in trust to help you and your family be as comfortable as possible.

We believe in a customized concierge experience for all of our customers. We offer complimentary consultations to fit your needs, no risk no cost- just honest, straightforward information customized for you situation.


Complimentary New Homeowner Walk-Through

Did you buy a house recently? What do you really know about the HVAC system in your home?

SoCo offers a complete, and completely free, home walk-through to help you get to know your new home.

  • Assess current HVAC system
  • Evaluate existing ductwork, or lack of
  • Help you understand how your home HVAC system operates
  • Teach you how to use your thermostat and make the most of its features
  • Show you how to change your filter
  • Educate on maintenance to keep a good working system

For many years most homes in the Colorado Springs area were built without central cooling. Central air conditioning has now become more of a "must" with homebuyers. If ductwork exists in a home for heating, central air conditioning can often be added without the extra expense of running ducts and sometimes the same air handler will work for both systems. Many times when we estimate a job, however, we learn the way the home was originally built has precluded easily adding ductwork’s long runs through attics, under floors, and between wall studs or joists. To do so would require both considerable renovation and expense.

Don’t let your new home intimidate you, adding AC to an older home is much easier than you think!

SoCo has creative solutions for those challenges. We are experts in installing systems that have minimum footprint, are flexible for air handler and compressor placement, and are duct-free.

Complimentary Efficiency Assessment

Interested in saving on utility bills, or frustrated with one room being hot and another freezing cold? SoCo’s efficiency assessment will educate you on where your home is wasting energy and what can be done.

  • Air testing in each room
  • Duct leakage in the walls
  • System inspection
  • Emphasize the utility increase

Complimentary New Equipment Estimates & Second Opinions

Whether your system has failed or you are just looking to upgrade your home, we are here to help you design the perfect system for your home and budget. Schedule your free consultation today!

Second Opinions

  • Full 20 point diagnostic inspection at no charge
  • Your technician will review all repair/ replacement options and provide a full written report to help you make the best decision for your home and lifestyle.


  • Learn about equipment and how it works and how it works together as a full system
  • Learn about the options available to you in your home
  • See the latest and greatest HVAC system options and accessories
  • Work side by side with one of our technicians to custom design a system that fully meets your needs.
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