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Zone Control Systems in Colorado Springs, CO

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Zone control systems are a unique way of channeling the cooled or heated air in your home to create a better balance of comfort and conserve energy. Work with the pros at SoCo Heating and Cooling to improve the comfort of your Colorado Springs, CO home.

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Our team will walk you through the installation, maintenance, and replacement of a zone control system. You deserve better comfort control in your home, and we can help you reach that goal.

Contact SoCo Heating and Cooling for zone control system services throughout Colorado Springs. So Cool, So Cozy!


How Heating and Cooling Works

Your centralized heating and cooling system creates the warm or conditioned air that your home needs. Then, it sends it through ductwork and vents to reach the rooms in your home. However, due to the layout of some homes, those comfortable temperatures don’t reach certain areas and you can be left with hot or cold spots.

Benefits of a Zone Control System

A zone control system is specifically designed to alleviate those hot or cold spots. It uses dampers installed in your air ducts to funnel more heat or conditioned air to the areas that need it more. Then, your home in Colorado Springs, CO will achieve a more even comfort.

Zone Control Maintenance

These systems can run into trouble when they’re neglected or left unmaintained, so our team specializes in zone control maintenance to alleviate this issue. Call us for quick repairs or to schedule a yearly maintenance appointment.

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