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Electrical Wiring and Rewiring Service in Colorado Springs

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Wires are the veins of your home, they’re necessary for transporting electricity to your devices, appliances, and lights. When they fall into disrepair, it can start to impact the efficiency and comfort of your house in Colorado Springs. Let SoCo Heating and Cooling help you.

  • We find solutions for every home and every budget.
  • We work honorably, ethically, and reliably for our customers.
  • All of our services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Whether you need an overhaul of your home wiring, or you’ve just got a quick electrical rewiring need in one or two homes, our team can help you. Give us a call and let’s get started today!

Contact SoCo Heating and Cooling for your wiring installation or rewiring needs in Colorado Springs, CO. So Cool, So Cozy.


Electrical Wiring Installation

In the 21st century, there’s no good reason why you can’t have all your electrical wiring installations grounded, and GFCI protected. GFCI and AFCI outlets provide an extra level of protection from power surges and problems, giving you more control over the safety and comfort of your home. Call us today for your next project.

Electrical Wiring Replacement

There are many old frontier homes in our area that can succumb to old and outdated wiring problems. If you’ve got old knob and tube wiring, or other types of unsafe wire systems in your home, then call us for electrical wiring replacement services in Colorado Springs, CO.

Electrical Wiring Repair

Sometimes, customers just need a quick rewiring or electrical wiring repair job done. We’ve got the right tools and training to show up and get the job done in one quick go. We’ll be fast and reliable, and we only charge what we tell you we will ahead of time.

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