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When should you buy a maintenance agreement?

When should you buy a maintenance agreement?

Something relatively new in the world of HVAC is maintenance agreements or memberships. Agreements all have different terms, but most will include your annual service, discounts and waived diagnostics. Since most agreements are sold in multi year packages, it can be hard to know if an agreement is for you. Check out these top reasons to get a Maintenance Agreement.

Your equipment is older

Older Equipment is notoriously untrustworthy.  Many systems live long lives without ever having trouble, but when things start breaking, you can end up having a technician out multiple times over the season.   Repeated diagnostic charges can become very costly, so maintenance agreements are a great money saving tactic to help your equipment stay running as long as it can.

You would like to be reminded when maintenance is due

HVAC systems can have a really long lifespan if properly maintained. One of the keys to extending the life of your equipment is annual maintenance. Most of us live very busy lives and it is easy to forget that it is time to take care of your equipment. With maintenance agreements, we will contact you when it is time for your included tune-up.

You are considering replacement soon

If you think it may almost be time for new equipment, a maintenance agreement is a great idea. Since most oft hem come with a discounted price for repairs you could end up saving hundreds on your replacement.

Our maintenance agreement

At SoCo Heating and Cooling, we offer our Annual Maintenance Agreement (AMA.) For little more than the cost of your annual Tune-Ups we provide all of the following: Your AC Tune-Up Your Furnace Tune-Up Free Diagnostics (which means no charge to come out should your equipment stop working) 15% Discount Emergency 24 Hour service Priority Scheduling If you think an AMA is right for you, set up your maintenance agreement today, contact us now!

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