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what is efficiency? and how does it affect me?

What is high efficency and what does it mean for you?

You hear it all of the time… Upgrade to a new high efficiency furnaces. It is a new trend across the HVAC and large appliance industry, but what is high efficiency? And how does it impact you? To be efficient equipment must be able to do its job using as little resources as possible. This could mean less water used by your washing machine, less electricity used by your refrigerator and less gas used by your furnace. Think about gas mileage in your car. Cars used to be incredibly inefficient. In the 1960’s cars were only able to get around 14 miles per gallon. These days high efficiency cars can get up to 40 miles per gallon. These new advancements in efficiency are now moving into your home. Many new standards are being released to move to more efficient equipment. These are great for utility companies and the environment as they use less electricity, water and gas. Many even offer rebates and discounts when these products are purchased. The most direct impact of high efficiency equipment is the impact it has on your wallet. Let’s talk furnaces. Furnaces are often offered in a standard 80% efficiency or a 96% (or above) high efficiency.

80% Efficiency Furnace

An 80% efficiency furnace, is 80% effective at doing it’s job.  So 20% of the money you spend to heat your home goes right out the roof. Meaning for every $1 you spend 20 cents is wasted.

96% Efficiency Furnace

With a 96% efficiency furnace, your furnace is 96% effective at doing its job. This means only 4% or less of the money you spend heating your home is wasted. That is only 4 cents for each $1.00 you spend.

Older Lower Efficiency Furnaces

Older furnaces from the 70’s and 80’s can be as low as 65% efficiency… which means almost half of the money you spend is wasted.

If your average gas bill is $100, you could be spending as much as $45 a month more than you need to to heat your home.  It is pretty clear how quickly these high efficiency upgrades can add up.  Often, they can pay for themselves. High efficiency products are the way of the future.  They save resources and money, and do their job better than any previous models. Consider upgrading yours today.  You can schedule your free furnace estimate by visiting

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