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Should I winterize or cover my AC for the winter?

Winterizing Your AC… The Basics

We often get asked, what should I do to winterize my AC?

Don’t I need a winterizing tune-up?

It is a common misconception that you should do a fall AC tune up to winterize your AC, since you wont be using it for several months.  The truth is this is better done in the spring.  During an AC tune up, we will clean up and dirt or debris that accumulated throughout the winter, do a full inspection and get you up and running for the season.  This is best done before you use it each year in the spring to ensure maximum efficiency!

Should I use a cover to winterize my AC?

While covers themselves dont actually harm your AC, we do recommend against them.  An air conditioner works by drawing in the outside air.   Covers are easily forgotten on the first day of the year.  If there is a cover protecting the exterior of your outside unit it will not be able to breathe and can cause the need for expensive repairs.  So, to play it safe, ditch the covers!

Is there anything i need to disconnect for the winter?

Nope.  Not all.  Your air conditioner is ready to be used or not used at any time.  Nothing needs to be disconnected otr adjusted.   Just switch your thermostat to heat and make sure to have a spring tune up next year!

Get ahead of the game and schedule your spring tune up now!  Give us a call 719-551-2232 or visit

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