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the IAQ FAQ. Help with indoor air quality

IAQ – indoor air quality problems and solutions

IAQ stands for Indoor Air Quality.  Indoor air quality measures the temperature, humidity, and health of the air you are breathing in your home.   We are here to help you have the comfortable, healthy air you should be breathing in your home.  Here are the top questions asked about indoor air quality and their solutions.


The temperature in my house is never quite right. Some rooms never heat or cool. What is going on?

Problem: How can you love your home if it is never comfortable? Do you have uneven heating and/or cooling? Is there that one room that is always cold or hot? Is your furnace not keeping up? Often we except minor inconveniences like this as something we just have to live with. Your home should be exactly the temperature you feel most comfortable.

Solution: Uneven heating can be caused by a handful of problems. You may have disconnected or poorly designed ducts, or more commonly poorly sealed ducts. We can provide a free estimate to determine the source of your woes and take care of it. We reconnect and redesign ducts as well as provide extensive duct sealing to make sure your home is always comfortable.

The air is so dry here. Can I do anything to help?

Problem: In case you haven’t noticed, Colorado has dry winters. Humidity often dips into the single digits and it can wreak havoc on your hair, skin and sinuses. Add the drying heat of a furnace and your indoor air is far from comfortable.

Solution: Humidifiers are your best friend in Colorado. available with automatic controls, you can install and forget it and have perfectly humidified air all year long! There are different styles and types of installation, but we can come out for a free estimate for a humidifier your hair, skin and sinuses will love.

I am allergic to dust and pollen. Is there anything I can do for cleaner air?

Problem: Dust and allergens are the worst. Ever notice the small particles floating in the sunshine as it comes through the window? Our homes are filled with microscopic dust particles, dead skin cells, pollen, mold and oh so much more.

Solutions: Duct Cleaning. Your ducts can be holding years of dust and allergens. During a duct clean we utilize a camera and our rotobrush system to thoroughly clean and sanitize your duct work. Duct Clean estimates can be provided from our office 719-551-2232.

Extreme filtration. Another solution is our high end filtration systems can pull out 99% of particles in your air. Contact us for a free estimate.

I have a newborn. How can I protect them and myself from viruses and bacteria?

Problem: Especially in the winter months, our homes and work spaces are filled with viruses and bacteria. Since we spend more time indoors in the winter, these little friends spend more time with us.

Solution: The Halo is an air purification device installed directly into your duct work. This system eliminates mold, viruses, bacteria and even odors. Find out how easy it is to have healthier cleaner air with a free estimate.

Interested in improving the IAQ in your home? Schedule your free estimate today by giving us a call 719-551-2232 or scheduling online at

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