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Why you need an AC tune up

Why you need an aC tune up

AC Tune-Ups should be done annually to make sure your system is performing correctly. But what exactly is involved in a tune-up and how do they help your system?

Checking your filter

Filters should be changed monthly, but it is easy to forget. Dirty filters block air flow and can freeze up your air conditioner. This could lead to some very uncomfortable days while you wait for it to thaw. During a tune-up, we make sure these are being changed regularly.

Cleaning your outdoor condenser

Your outdoor condenser pulls in outside air. Over the winter the condenser can become covered in dirt and debris, restricting air flow. During a tune-up, your condenser will be cleaned to ensure top performance!

Checking your coil

Your air conditioner has 2 parts the coil and the condenser. The condenser is outside and the coil is inside near the furnace. The indoor coil can also become impacted with dirt and debris. During a tune-up we can evaluate it’s condition and ensure you will be good to go for summer.

Testing Components And Connections

Over time, wires can become loose, bolts can loosen and individual parts can fail. We thoroughly evaluate your system to catch and repair minor aging and measure output of all components to ensure proper functionality.

Peace of mind guarantee

At SoCo Heating and Cooling, we always include our peace of mind guarantee. We stand behind our evaluations of our system. Should any problems occur within the season of your tune-up, all diagnostic charges will be waived. So don’t wait for the summer heat to find out if your AC is ready for another season. Schedule your tune-up today! Click here to schedule online now! Find out more about our tune-ups here.

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