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dry winter air is coming… what can you do?

dry winter air is coming… what can you do?

As winter is fast approaching, it is time to talk about something important… Humidity.  We all know Colorado is famous for it’s dry air, but Colorado winters can wreak havoc on your skin and your health.

In summer months the air is warm and able to hold more moisture.  As the air cools it becomes less humid, making winter the peak season for low humidity… and in Colorado indoor humidity frequently drops into thesingle digits which is a far cry from the recommended 40-60%.  Adding dry furnace air to this already low humidity only makes matters worse!

What does low humidity mean for you?

Dry Skin
Ugh, dry winter skin… and not just add-a-little-extra-lotion dry, but a there-isn’t-enough-lotion-in-the-world-to-help-my-skin kind of dry.  And along with it comes that itchiness that doesn’t go away until summer comes back.

Higher Susceptibility to Viruses
Yep,  That’s right.  Viruses, in particular the flu, can survive longer in low humidity.  Since they are harder to kill they also spread more easily.  Not only do they live longer, but over time dry air can dry out the mucus membranes of your respiratory tract which will make you more susceptible to any you come in contact with.

Itchy Eyes, Sore Throats and Bloody Noses
Dry air can really mess with your eyes and sinuses.  It can increases the evaporation of tears, leaving eyes itchy and  cause you to loose moisture from your mucus membranes in your nasal passages and throat which can become  become irritated leading to sore throats and nose bleeds.

What can you do about it?
There isn’t much you can do about outdoor winter air, but you can help yourself at home by installing a whole home humidifier.  Unlike typical room humidifiers, they don’t require work lugging water room to room and offer years of winter relief. Installed next to your furnace, they introduce additional humidity into your air. Literally at he touch of a button, you can set your home to perfect humidity and leave winter dry air troubles behind.

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