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Getting your furnace ready for winter

Getting Your Furnace Ready for winter

Pumpkin spice is on every corner, leaves are already turning and temperatures are dropping. Fall is definitely here and winter is on the way. In Colorado, we all know it is time to get ready for the cold. We blow out our sprinklers, dig out the snow tires, make sure the ice scraper is in the car, and disconnect the water hose… But sometimes we forget about the one thing we don’t really think of until it fails… the furnace. When winter comes your furnace likely hasn’t been use in months. Not only could there be dust built up or pests that have found it, but there could be genuine safety concerns as well. The best way to protect yourself from a cold winter night with a non-working furnace is to have a Furnace Tune Up completed before you need it. Not only will it extend the life of your furnace, but common issues can all be handled in advance with just a little maintenance. During your furnace Tune Up your technician will: Inspect your filter, blower, combustion chamber, flue and control module Test and measure outputs on components that more commonly fail over time Clean gas burners​Tighten components and terminals Check all safety controls Test for gas leaks Clean the flame sensor At the end of your tune-up you will receive an easy to read rating sheet to keep that will go over everything about your system and give a clear picture of its performance and ensure you are ready for anything winter has in store To schedule your tune up today click the link below

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