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A Healthy Furnace Vs. a Neglected Furnace

When you take a long, hard look at your furnace, what do you see? Don’t be shy, head down to your basement or crawlspace right now with a flashlight and take a look. This might be a good time to do it as well, since the winter is winding down and we’re likely to start seeing warmer temperatures in March and April.

Furnaces can be rough around the edges. They don’t have to look pristine. They run all day and night in the area of your home where people aren’t spending time. We’re not asking you to see whether the system is shiny and sparkling with metal polish or not, we’re asking you to give a look at whether you see dust, rust, moisture, or other things that signal problems. These clues are going to be the major differences between a furnace that’s in good shape and one that requires heating repair in Colorado Springs, CO.

A Healthy Furnace

In order to understand the condition of your furnace, we need something to compare it to. So, let’s talk about what we might imagine a pristine furnace looking like. No, we’re not talking about an aesthetically pleasing furnace, since the curb-appeal of your furnace doesn’t matter as much as the functionality. We’re talking about how well your system works based on some signals.

How It Looks

A furnace that’s been well-maintained and repaired by a professional will have a certain look to it. It should be clean with relatively low amounts of dust on it. There might not be many spider or cobwebs on it because it’s been opened fairly recently by a pro. Then, if you check the air filter, it’s going to look clean enough for fresh air to pass through it. Sometimes, a furnace in good shape will even have some of the AFUE ratings listed on it for quick reference, so you know how efficient your system is.

How It Runs

Now let’s focus on the system as it runs. A furnace in good shape is going to hum very quietly while it heats your home. You might hear the blower fan make a gentle whirring noise as it pushes air through the ductwork and into your home. Also, you can feel the difference when you approach any of the vents in your home, because it’s properly heating the house to the temperature listed on the thermostat. And, if your furnace is in good shape, you’re not too worried about the bills.

A Neglected Furnace

Now, let’s talk about what a neglected furnace might look like.

How It Looks

A furnace that hasn’t been maintained or repaired in years (or even a decade) is going to have a thick layer of dust covering it. It’s likely going to look like it hasn’t been opened, due to cobwebs or even nesting critters on top of it. Ductwork could look disconnected, and overall, it’s not going to be a pretty sight.

How It Runs

Now let’s think about how a neglected furnace might run. It could make loud, uncomfortable noises like booming or rattling. There could be loose parts that clunk around wildly as the system sounds like it’s falling apart. Ductwork might be in disarray and the heat might barely be able to make it to the rooms of your home.

The experts at SoCo Heating and Cooling will reliably maintain your furnace year after year. Contact us today. So Cool. So Cozy.

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