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3 Unique Heat Pump Problems: And Our Solutions!


Have any of our local heat pump owners felt a little left out?

Heat pumps tend to get overshadowed pretty often by furnaces and boilers in the wintertime, primarily because the sole purpose of these systems is to provide powerful heating for your home.

With heat pumps, they’re a multifaceted system with both heating and cooling options, so they tend to make up fewer calls from troubled homeowners, but they’re still important.

If you’re a heat pump owner in our neck of the woods, then you’re in luck! Heat pumps are popular here due to their incredible efficiency and eco-friendly nature.

However, they can still run into problems in the coldest months of the winter, so you’d better be ready to get them properly diagnosed.

Let’s figure out if you need heating repair in Colorado Springs, CO, or if you’re in good shape for the next few months.

A Completely Shut-Down Heat Pump

Let’s first start with one of the simplest problems that can happen–a system that’s completely shut down.

Most conventional heating systems, like furnaces, will continue to grumble as they run even in disrepair, but a heat pump can be sensitive to a few important factors.

  • First, this could be a thermostat issue. Since the heat pump runs at the request of your thermostat, your thermostat could be set incorrectly.
  • It could be an electrical concern. Heat pumps require electricity to run. Even minor power fluctuations in your home can cause them to shut down. Call in a professional to test if your system is having electrical malfunctions.

The System Is On All the Time

This is a pretty common issue with heat pumps, especially where we live. Here are a few good explanations as to why your heat pump is constantly running:

  • Extreme cold. It’s no secret that we get some intensely cold days here in Colorado Springs. A heat pump is going to have to work harder and longer to keep your home warm. Since it moves heat instead of creating it, this could take longer time than conventional systems.
  • Improper sizing. Your heat pump could be too small for your home, due to new additions or other recent changes. This could mean it’s trying to heat a home that’s just too large for it. Get a second opinion from a professional just to be safe.

It Can’t Meet the Demand of Your Thermostat

A heat pump should be well-equipped to meet the demand set by your thermostat. If not, then something is wrong with it.

  • Make sure your vents aren’t blocked. How is your home supposed to feel warm and cozy if the air can’t get into your rooms? Unblock all air vents to ensure there’s maximum airflow in your house.
  • Change the air filter. Usually, a blocked air filter will cause airflow to be restricted, making your home feel colder and less comfortable.
  • There could be a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant is the lifeblood of your heat pump. Without proper refrigerant levels, it could be doing a sub-par job of heating your home. This would require a repair, or even a replacement if it’s bad enough.

Contact the pros if you’re experiencing any of these problems. The experts at SoCo Heating and Cooling will get your system diagnosed and repaired in record time. So Cool. So Cozy.

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