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Why is an in home consultation important?

Why is an in home consultation important?

The top of our frequently asked questions list is “Can’t you just give me a ballpark?” The honest answer is yes, but that ballpark is several thousand dollars wide and might not help you budget at all.

There are dozens of variables that can affect the size and options available to you, keep reading to find out more.

We are we looking for?

When our technician comes to your home we are taking many variables into account to make sure your estimate is as accurate as we can make it.

We are looking at:

The size of your home The amount of air that flows through your home is to some degree determined by the square footage. The layout/design of your homeHomes with unique layouts, vaulted ceilings and lots of windows have unique challenges since they may affect the amount of air that needs to be heated/cooled or like in the case of older windows make it a more difficult job. Your existing equipment and ductworkWe may be able to continue utilizing some of your existing equipment.  If you are adding A/C for example, your furnace may be in fine working order, or it may not be able to handle the proper air flow.  Some homes have sufficient duct work for all their system needs.  Others may be in poor condition and need to be adjusted or even replaced. Your electrical set upSome homes are pre-wired for A/C, others it is added easily, while still others need an entire electrical upgrade. MeasurementsWe need to know the size of the space where the equipment will be installed to make sure your system is the right size and we have enough materials to get the job done right and efficiently. It is important to us that all of our customers understand what they are buying before they buy it.  A one size fits all, never fits everyone the same and we want to make sure you are involved in the process of creating your ideal system.  Once we have evaluated your home, we will provide you with available options to meet your immediate needs.

Then there are the options.

Just like when purchasing a new car, your heating and cooling systems all come with options. Below are a few: EfficiencyYou hear this word time and time again.  Is it efficient?  Efficiency is a tricky subject depending on what it means to you.  Is your goal a lower electric bill? a greener system? A tax credit?  Your answer to these questions will change your options. ThermostatsTraditional single use thermostats are a thing of the past.  Now they are able to control smart houses, link up to security systems, utilize apps to manage temperatures when you are away from home, and so much more.  There are several options available so we can make sure to get you the best match for your needs and lifestyle. To Upgrade or Not to UpgradeOften replacing multiple pieces of equipment at the same time are much less expensive than replacing them individually over the course of a few years.  It is important to consider this when adding new equipment to significantly older less efficient equipment. Humidifiers With the dry air in Colorado these are in high demand and can often be installed at deep discounts when combined with a system Air Purification SystemToday’s are purification systems can eliminate allergens, dust, bacteria and virus at a stunning 99.9%.  Systems include extreme filtration and even UV lights installed directly into duct work. Accurate estimates provided during in home consultations are key to a no surprises installation that is exactly what you need to keep your family and wallet comfortable all year long. Consultations are always free and can be scheduled by calling or texting 719-551-2232.

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