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What is an A/C Tune Up?

What is an A/C Tune Up?

An A/C tune up is basic maintenance for your AC system. We are used to maintaining and tuning up our cars to increase their life spans and catch problems before they happen. The same is true for your A/C.
A/C Tune Ups should be done once a year. They keep your system running at peak performance and help find problems before they happen so you aren’t stuck mid-summer sweating it out!

During our A/C Tune Up your technician will:

Inspect your coil

Test and measure outputs on components that more commonly fail over time

Inspect your filters

Tighten components and terminals that become loose over time

Check all safety controls

Inspect refrigerant lines and insulation

Test refrigerant pressures and temperature

Verify the air output at the vents

Clear debris

Calibrate thermostat

At the end of your tune-up you will receive an easy to read score sheet to keep that will go over everything about your system and give a clear picture of its performance.

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