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What is the Cozy Club and why should you join?

What is the cozy club and why should you join?

Home ownership is an incredible investment, but it can be stressful.  When you own a home, you also own it’s problems.  The Cozy Club is an inexpensive way to make sure HVAC problems aren’t on that list.

Our Cozy Club was designed to make sure you are covered.  We begin with preventative maintenance, cover all your diagnostic fees, make sure you are covered after hours, and give discounts on repairs and equipment.


Tune-Ups are an important part of owning HVAC equipment.  They watch out for safety concerns, ensure your equipment is clean and operational and prevent problems before they start.  Your tune-ups are included at no charge and we will contact you when they are due!

Diagnostics, After hours care and priority scheduling

Even with new equipment, problems can happen.  Our cozy club covers all of your diagnostic charges, even after hours!  Your membership also includes priority scheduling, so your appointment will be scheduled in front of others.


Most importantly a Cozy Club membership saves your money!  Members get special offers, 20% discount on repairs and services, and 10% discount on new equipment!

How to sign up

Membership has 2 options.

Our annual membership for $189 or our subscription service for only $19 a month!

To sign up for the Cozy Club, give us a call at 719-551-2232 or set it up online at

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