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What Is A Tune-Up?


Once a year it is recommended to have annual maintenance done on your furnace, this maintenance is referred to as a tune up.  The tune-up has 2 functions cleaning and inspection.

Tune-Up Cleaning

Your furnaces worst enemy is dirt!  Even though your filter does a good job of protecting it, even the most adamant filter changer will want an annual cleaning.  Without it, dirt and dust can build up around components, making them work harder than they should be and causing them to fail more frequently.  for maximum efficiency and increasing the life span of your furnace it is recommended to have it professionally cleaned once a year.

Tune-Up Inspection

If your furnace is relatively new, you aren’t likely to have many problems.  After a few years, normal wear and tear occurs causing failure in minor components and as it ages more major repairs may be needed.  A tune-up includes a top to bottom inspection.  This means your technician will test and measure the performance of both minor and major parts and be able to notify you of any performance issues, before extreme weather strikes and leaves you in an emergency situation.

With regular maintenance you can make sure your HVAC system is operating at peak performance and know you are ready for whatever mother nature has in store!  To schedule your tune-up visit

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