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what is a permit and why do I need one?

What is a permit and why do i need one?

Ever heard someone talk about permits not being pulled? Or has it happened to you? Major work on your home should almost always have a permit pulled with Pike Peak Regional Building Department. Permits are an important part of a quality installation and are legally required. Keep reading to find out more!

How do i get one?

Some permits must be pulled by a licensed contractor, others may be pulled by the homeowner if they are completing the work.  Permits can be purchased in person, over the phone or online through Pikes Peak Regional Building Department. The permit must be opened before work begins on your project.  After the work is completed, an inspection will need to be scheduled to ensure all of the work was done to code.  The cost of a permit varies depending on your project.

How do inspections work?

An inspection can be scheduled for any day Monday-Friday. The inspector may arrive at any time that day, but you are able to track their progress online at . The inspector will check out your project and ensure all codes were followed. If there has been a change in code or if a mistake as made the inspector will explain what corrections need to be made and a new inspection must be scheduled after corrections are made to close the permit.

What can happen if we don’t get a permit?

The biggest problem with permits usually occurs when the house is being sold. Most buyers realtors will ask that all work done on the house is permitted. This protects the buyer in case any installs or construction were done improperly. If permits weren’t pulled at the time of the install, it may be difficult to locate the installing company or expensive repairs may be required to bring the project up to code to pass inspection.

Does SoCo Heating and Cooling pull permits?

Absolutely! We pull permits on every install and ensure they are closed. If you have any questions about permit or installations feel free to contact us!

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