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SoCo Santa Visits!

Santa was sad he won’t be able to see as many kids this year before Christmas, so SoCo Heating and Cooling decided to help!

We will be giving Santa a ride through Colorado Springs neighborhoods to visit all the good boys and girls on Saturday December 12th.

Where should we visit?

Nominate Your Neighborhood!

Please nominate your neighborhood on facebook HERE 

The top 10 nominated neighborhoods will get a visit from Santa on December 12th!

Votes So Far…

Count so far is as follows as of 12:36pm 11/27

(neighborhoods with less than 3 votes not listed. )

1. The Glen 97

2. Lorson Ranch 95

3. Cumberland Green 90

4. Fairfax 70

5. Wolf Ranch 61

6. Ventana 57

7. Soaring Eagles 59

8. Old Farm 49

9. Banning Lewis 47

10. Heritage 47

Cuchares ranch 44

Meridian Ranch 25

Sundown 17

Wagontrails 17

Shiloh Mesa 16

Springs Ranch 12

Claremont Ranch 9

Woodmen Hills 7

Ridgeview 4

Cordera 3

Pikes Peak Park 3

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