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SoCo Heating and Cooling Blog

Small Business, Big Dreams

Restoring the spirit of the HVAC Industry

Meet Ben and Christy Carter, owners of SoCo Heating and Cooling.  SoCo is a dream come true, a lifetime in the making.  Here is their story.

Christy grew up in small town in Texas.  Her father was an HVAC man and owned his own company.  She grew up hardcore HVAC working in the family business.  From running duct work with her father to helping her mother with filing, she grew up learning how a real family business should be run by the best people possible.

Ben grew up in Arizona.  Though he started his career in computer networking, he met Christy.  As a prerequisite to approval of their relationship Ben became an apprentice for Christy’s father.  A trade which he feel in love with.

Eventually they married and set out to build a life together in Colorado.  After working for a half dozen dishonest and sal.

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