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Furnace Noises and What They Mean

So, you’re the proud owner of a furnace system that works hard to keep you warm throughout the winter. Congratulations! Gas furnaces are some of the most efficient and effective heating systems on the market, and they really don’t break the budget like some other heating systems might. There are several reasons why they’re the most common heating system in America.

Now, in order for your furnace to run exactly how it’s intended to, it needs to be repaired when something goes wrong. Detecting a problem that requires Colorado Springs furnace repair can be tricky, especially if you’re not trained in the HVAC industry. This blog post is for homeowners that are hearing strange or distressing noises coming from their heating system. We’ll talk about what these sounds mean, why they’re occurring, and what you can do about them.

Here’s a hint–you can call our team for fast diagnosis and repairs!

5 Common Furnace Noises

Here are just a few reasons why you might want to call for repairs. Each of these noises represents a problem that can compound and get worse, pose a danger to your family, or even impede your comfort on the coldest day of the year.

  • Booming. If your furnace is booming, then the burners are likely dirty. When the burners get covered in soot and grime, it can be harder for them to immediately ignite the gas as it enters the combustion chamber. This leads to gas pooling up and a miniature explosion taking place, which is what that booming sound is. Be sure to address this with a professional to stop sensitive components like your heat exchanger from cracking under pressure.
  • Buzzing. Buzzing almost always denotes an electrical problem. Sometimes this can be the sound of a tripped circuit or a system that’s all of suddenly lost power in a certain section.
  • Clicking. Clicking can be associated with electrical issues as well but exhibited differently. When your furnace turns on or off, it’s usually done after a brief “click” which is the thermostat signaling to the furnace’s capacitors to start or stop the cycle. If the unit continues to click multiple times, then it might be suffering from an electrical malfunction.
  • Grinding. Furnaces don’t have a ton of moving parts, but one area with a lot of them is the blower system. The blower is responsible for pushing air from your furnace and into your air ducts with a large fan. If that fan becomes misaligned, dirty, or broken, it can start rubbing up against its housing, causing a grinding noise to occur.
  • Rattling. Simply put, if you hear rattling, it means that a piece is loose or broken. This might not seem like a big deal, especially if your furnace is still running, but loose parts can bump into other components and cause compounding issues if they’re not addressed quickly.

You can easily have these problems addressed by calling our team of pros or clicking the link to schedule service.

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