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The Problem With Old Wiring

Around the turn of the 20th century, it became common for homes to be built with access to electricity. Wires were hooked up in basements and rooftops, fuse boxes were set up in houses throughout the area, and homeowners began picking up electrical appliances they could use right in their own houses. The electrification of America happened swiftly and efficiently.

However, a lot has changed since then, and electrical appliances require more energy than they ever did. Not only that, but the methods we use to set up a home with electricity are much different than those older methods. The ancient knob and tube wiring you might see in an old barn or farmhouse is very outdated at this point, and you might need to call a professional electrician in Colorado Springs, CO to get it replaced.

Here are a few reasons why your electrical system might be too old to keep around.

Knob and Tube Wiring

Let’s start with some definitions. When you see old, outdated wires in a home that’s 80 years old or older, it’s likely something called “knob and tube wiring.” This is a type of wiring that was set up in homes when electricity was invented. It’s basically as the name implies, exposed wires hung on knobs and split through tubes throughout the walls, ceilings, or other areas of a home.

For its time, knob and tube wiring was incredible. It allowed homes to be easily set up to access electricity at a time when things just weren’t electrified. Now, it’s extremely uncommon to see knob and tube wiring in a home. And if you do–it’s likely a very bad sign for a number of reasons.

Problems With Old Wiring

Here are just a few reasons why you’ll want to call a professional electrician quickly if you detect that your home has old or outdated wiring.

  • Safety. Old, exposed wiring can be a huge safety concern for you and your family. They can sometimes cause a fire, and they also can shock or electrify people, pests, and other things they come in contact with.
  • Inefficiency. We use a lot of electricity in our homes these days. Our appliances and electrical devices require much more energy than homes used to use. Those old wires just might not be set up to handle the energy load you require.
  • Property Hazards. If those exposed wires burn or scorch parts of your home, that could lead to property damage. Those family heirlooms that you’ve kept in storage, or that part of your home that isn’t finished yet, both of them could be at risk if they’re in a place where exposed older wiring might be.
  • Insurance issues. Insurance companies avoid covering homes with old and outdated wiring like the plague. The moment it’s discovered that a house has “knob and tube wiring,” insurance premiums can go up pretty heavily. Avoid paying more for your home insurance by getting a professional to remove it properly.

Remember, old wiring is going to be a threat not just to the safety and security of your family, but to your way of life. Replace your old fuse box, knob and tube wiring, and other problematic electrical components today.

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