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why you should get a furnace tune-up

What is a furnace tune-up?

A furnace tune-up is regular maintenance for your furnace. We run safety tests, check for any loose wires or bolts, do a light cleaning and give the system a general review to make sure you have no concerns. During our 20 point inspection, all of our findings are documented and reviewed in an easy to understand format.

Why is a furnace tune-up important?

By having a tune up done before there is a problem, we can stop problems before they start.

Failing Components

As components begin to fail their readings start to falter. During a tune-up all readings are checked against manufacturer recommendations. Parts that are beginning to fail will have less than ideal readings, which means that we are able to identify failing parts before you have to suffer a night out in the cold.

CO Leaks

Part of our tune-up includes a safety check. We use carbon monoxide detectors as well as a visual inspection for any cracks or rusting to make sure that you and your family are safe.

Minor Repairs

Minor issues cause a lot of headache. Things like dirty sensors, dirty filters, clogs, loose wiring or even items falling into the furnace that you weren’t aware of, can keep you in the cold waiting for service. These minor repairs can create a lot of stress and even result in a costly emergency after hours call to be resolved. Tune-Ups check for all of these issues before they affect your comfort and your pocket book.

Our peace of mind guarantee

Not only do Tune-Ups prevent issues and extend the life of your furnace, but all of our Tune-Ups at SoCo Heating and Cooling include our own peace of mind guarantee. Our peace of mind guarantee ensures there will be no diagnostics fees for the entire season in which the tune-up was performed. This means that there will be no diagnostics charges for your furnace should any trouble arise after your tune up.

How do i schedule?

We can schedule your tune up online here or by calling our office at 719-551-2232.

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