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It Is Finally Summer: What to do before firing up that AC

The weather is getting warmer and it is almost time to crank up that AC! Before you do there are some important things you should take care of.

Change Your Air Filter.

Conditioners are very sensitive to air flow issues. Dirty filters can cause them not to cool properly and even freeze up. Before you switch your thermostat to cool make sure you are running with a clean furnace filter.

Make Sure Your Outdoor Unit Can Breathe.

Airflow outside is just as important as inside. Your Condenser needs space to breathe. Make sure to cut back and plants or grasses that may have grown around your unit and remove any items or debris that may restrict airflow.

Get Your AC Tune-Up.

An AC Tune Up is a basic cleaning and top to bottom inspection. The purpose of a tune up is to make sure your AC is in tip top shape to work hard this season. Our technicians will inspect every component and can even tell when a part is going to fail before it happens! This lets you get ahead of repairs and know you will be cool all summer! Schedule your AC tune up today by clicking here

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