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Filters: The Key To A Happy AC

Did you know the furnace filter is one of the most important thing you can take care of to make sure your AC works well and has a long life.

How It Works

Many people are surprised to learn that their furnace works so hard in the summer months. Your air conditioner cools your air but the furnace moves it throughout your home. This means the motors and the fans are working hard all year long. Furnaces need the filter to protect them from dirt and debris. Without a filter,much like a vacuum cleaner dirt, dust, pet hair and other particles will build up on important components within your furnace and cause them to fail. Broken parts can be costly to fix and clean and incredibly inconvenient on days with extreme temperature.

In addition to needing protection from dust, furnaces need to be able to breathe to operate properly. As the filter becomes dirty, less air is able to move through it until eventually it can’t breathe at all. This can become a problem in the winter which can cause your furnace to stop heating, but in the summer it is even more crucial.

Since the AC cools the air and the furnace moves it, when the filter is compacted and the furnace is unable to move air properly the chilled air begins to freeze the inside of your coil and the lines to the condenser. As they freeze up, the air conditioner eventually is unable to perform.

How To Fix A Frozen AC (most of the time)

The most common problem we see in the summer months is a dirty filter. So if you notice your AC is only blowing warm air, the filter is the best place to start. Just changing the filter may not resolve your issues. If the unit has frozen it will need to thaw before it will operate properly again. To thaw your unit, set it to fan for 12 hours to ensure all ice is melted before turning it back on.

If your filter is clean and you are still having problems, it is probably time to bring in the experts! To schedule your diagnostic appointment give us a call at 719-551-2232 or schedule online by clicking here.

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