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Duct cleaning basics

Duct Cleaning

Dust is made up of dirt, dander, hair and even dead skin cells.  These particles make their way into your vents and build up along the sides.  Dirty air vents can increase allergies, dust in the air and can even have mold growing in them.

Clean Vents, Clean Home

As homeowners, we spend a lot of time making sure our homes are clean and well maintained.  Air vents are an important part of maintaining a clean home.  Dust and particles gather along the vents and can be distributed throughout your home when your furnace or air conditioner is running.  Duct Cleaning can improve the cleanliness of your home and help with allergies

How Do you do a duct clean?

Before we begin, your venting system will be scoped with a special camera to identify any special concerns.  Once that is completed, our technicians will remove and clean your vent covers.  Then, utilizing our rotobrush system, a long hose with rotating brushes is inserted down into the duct work.  The hose is attached to an incredibly powerful commercial grade vacuum which draws in the particles as they are loosened by the brush.   Once the duct cleaning is complete, we will again scope your venting system to ensure your ducts are completely clean and sanitize your ducts..

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