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The SoCo Air Filter FAQ

We’ve mentioned air filters multiple times on our blogs, but we haven’t really dedicated a blog specifically to them yet. These components are special when compared to other heating system components, because they’re specifically designed to be addressed by a homeowner.

We think it’s a bad idea to just open your furnace up and start fiddling with the components. You can void your warranty and run into some serious problems, even safety concerns. But your air filter is located in a safe place that’s outside of your furnace box where it can be easily lifted out and a replacement can be placed back in. This is what makes this component unique.

So, let’s discuss any questions you might have about your air filter and make sure that all of our customers are on the right page with how to treat this powerful yet sensitive component of your heating in Colorado Springs, CO!

“What Is My Air Filter?”

Let’s start with the easiest question. What is the air filter and what does it do? The air filter is a component in your heating system that traps contaminants like dust, debris, and pet dander so your furnace or heat pump can focus on heating the air of your home. This component protects the interior components from getting bogged down with contaminants and running less efficiently.

“Where Is My Air Filter?”

The air filter is located in the return air duct, which is the duct that feeds into the centralized heating system. Usually, there’s a little arrow that points to not only the air filter, but the direction that the air filter is facing so you know how to put it back in when you’re finished.

“Does It Improve My Indoor Air Quality?”

Yes and no. Improving the air quality of your home is not the intended purpose of your air filter. It’s mainly designed to protect the inside of your furnace, so it’s not going to do a very thorough job of helping your home’s air quality, like a high-grade air filtration system would.

That being said, it certainly doesn’t hurt your air quality and sometimes makes a bit of an improvement.

“How Do I Change My Air Filter?”

This is the fun part! First, turn off your heating system so it doesn’t try to run while you’re doing this. Then, locate the return air duct we mentioned previously. Remove the filter and inspect it.

  • If it’s a disposable filter, throw that one out and replace it with one that’s made of the same material and that’s the same size.
  • If it’s a reusable filter, try wiping it down with a damp cloth to remove all the contaminants. Make sure it’s dry by the time you put it back in.

Then, just put the filter into where it’s supposed to go, and make sure it’s facing the right way. After that, turn your heating system back on and feel the fresh, clean, heated air!

Have Any Questions?

Be sure to let our team know if you have any questions or need any help with your air filter. Sometimes they can be a bit finicky, and our team has the experience and equipment to help you out.

Contact SoCo Heating and Cooling today for heating services, or if you have any questions about your air filter. So Cool. So Cozy.

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