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The Difference Between Minor and Major Electrical Repairs

From broken light switches to tripped circuits, electrical repairs are just an essential part of being a homeowner. Electricity when it’s talked about it physics classes or videos seems like a simple idea–electrons being sent through a specific type of wire to your devices or appliances when they’re needed. But in practice, electrical work is much more complicated and riskier than people might realize.

Look, we’re never going to tell homeowners that they can’t replace that burnt out light bulb or even try their hand at troubleshooting that outlet that’s not working. The solution might be pretty simple and you might be in great shape.

But more often than not, the problem is a lot more complex and you might end up risking your personal safety if you try to fix an electrical repair in Colorado Springs, CO. That’s where our team comes in.

Minor Electrical Fixes

Let’s start with some things that we encourage homeowners to participate in on their own. It doesn’t take a degree to know that some electrical devices require new batteries, and that light bulbs need to be replaced every once in a while.

Take a walk around your house and list off any devices that are either out of battery or not working properly. You can either replace the batteries or troubleshoot to see if there’s an easy fix. Sometimes just doing a quick online search can yield results that work!

It’s important for homeowners to be handy with household tools like screwdrivers and voltage detectors, so you can better tell when a problem requires professional support.

Batteries, Walkthroughs, and Devices

The three most important things that a homeowner can do when it comes to minor electrical repairs are battery replacements, walkthroughs, and device installation. Here are a few examples.

  • Feel free to replace the batteries in your remotes, smoke detectors, and small handheld devices that use them.
  • Take walks around your home and address minor electrical problems, or at least note them down for a professional to fix later on.
  • Simple plug-in devices and units that have easy-to-understand manuals can be fine for home setup.

Major Electrical Fixes

What happens if you encounter a larger system installation that you’re not sure about? Or perhaps you’ve got an outlet not working, or a series of light fixtures that are all simultaneously burnt out. Are these simple things for you to fix?

Usually, the answer is no. Once you start digging into your wall or unscrewing an outlet, you’re in territory where electrical shock is a risk. Also, you might end up doing more damage to your home which will need to be repaired later as well.

We’d ask all of our savvy customers to recognize when something feels dangerous or difficult, and remember that a professional can not only do the job quickly and effectively, but sometimes more affordably then if you try to do it yourself. When in doubt, just call our team!

The electricians at SoCo Heating and Cooling are friendly and good at solving problems. Contact our team today! So Cool. So Cozy.

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