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RandyandBrandy Gales, Last month

I am not a fan of writing reviews for companies "just because". In order for me to write a review they have to be on point. SoCo you were!. Let's start with the receptionist. I don't recall her name but she did have A TON OF PATIENCE! I have a residential boiler system and my introduction went something to the extent of this,
Hi I have a mini therm jvs and before I ask your company come out do yall know what your doing with a boiler system? (I have called TONS of companies and they either A don't service my area, or B don't know how to service boiler systems. (I live in Ellicott) she immediately responded with YES, I then proceeded to say the specifics of the system (pressure tank, heat exchanger and my problem) told her again I don't want to pay a diag fee for them to come out here scratch thier head and say "well it could be this". Cause we all know that does us a lot of good. I explained I don't necessarily need masterplumber but I def don't want a apprenticeship. Again this lady without hesitation said "sir we have 3 guys I can send you that a is extremely familiar with the system you have set up." OK I took it. Let's book it.
The gentleman came out (sorry don't recall his name) I told him what was going on told him what I have done to attempt to remedy the issue and asked what else can be done.
Let's pause, the system I have is not only expensive to buy, but expensive to replace parts. Just the nature of the beast.
So he explained that it is in desperate need of a cleaning. However given the high winds it could also be a better wind block for the flu. (We were having 50 mph gust) that could prevent the system from expelling the fumes thereby setting off the safety switch. He spent close to 90 minutes explaining everything and making sure I understood. He ran some options by me, he also introduced me to the soco club (if your not a member you need to be)
Come to find out a cleaning is all it needed. (I did the cleaning myself I had gone without hot water for about 4 wks at this point) I simply didn't have the money to pay for a cleaning. However I wish I did. The mess that makes is unreal. If I did have the money I would have gladly (and in the future they will) have had Soco do the job for me.
I can not thank the receptionist nor the plumber enough for everything. I will be using you from now on for my plumbing issues.

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James Judiscak, Last month

SoCo stepped in when another company failed to complete the furnace installation. Our initial questions were answered honestly and professionally, and the appointment was scheduled timely.
Aaron, was our technician. He was absolutely fantastic. Very thorough and knowledgeable. He was able to get all systems functioning correctly and explained their operations. GREAT experience!!

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E Devorkin, Last month

I have had decent interactions in the past. For a recent estimate it just felt off. I was told over the phone that they needed to come out for an updated estimate because they didn't have any measurements. That's understandable until the tech took zero measurements and kept wanting to pull a "soft credit check" to see what we qualify for. It definitely came across as let's see how much we can gouge. Overall they did a decent job on our heater install a couple years ago and the issues with the 1st attempt at a duct clean were remedied. I used to recommend SoCo to friends and neighbors but this experience wasn't the best. Ultimately they're a business. I understand they want to make money.

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Renee F, Last month

They have been servicing our units since 2016/2017. They have always been great service and reliable. I had an issue with our blower and air not working well. They fixed it all up and so thankful. They are only company I let work on my units. I personally love the cozy club to help maintain our seasonal check **** We already got our quotes to budget for our new units as ours is getting up in age.

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Emily Grider, Last month

Aaron was our technician and he was awesome! He went above and beyond for us and got our A/C in good working order for the summer. Came out the same day I called for a diagnostic appointment and took great care of us. Professional and extremely personable. Definitely recommend SoCo Heating & Cooling and their Cozy Club for dedicated customers.

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Christopher B, Last month

***** was ************** and he did a great job. He was very informative and answered all of my questions. I would highly recommend ***** and SOCO to my friends.

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Victoria V, Last month
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Deundra Germany, Last month

Jacob recently help us solve our A/C issues and was a great help (replacing our refrigerant) He was professional, helpful, and knowledgeable about every question we had about our A/C unit. Thanks to him, we are going to have a much cooler home this summer.

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Brian Buresh, Last month
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Yvonne P, Last month

***** and ******* did a fantastic job on my air conditioning tune up and explained what they found in terms I could understand.

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