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Ryan Shuster's Profile Image
Ryan Shuster, This month

Trevor provided amazing and efficient service and was so informative. I absolutely recommend this company, especially Trevor!

Nicole Frazier's Profile Image
Nicole Frazier, This month

Alejandro was great! He was responsive, fast, professional and took the time to walk my husband through our new heating and AC system. He and his team were polite and respected our home while they were installed our new systems. I highly recommend SoCo Heating and Cooling! Thank you!

Mark Curtis's Profile Image
Mark Curtis, This month

Trevor and his buddy (apologizes, forgotten his name) let me know in a timely manner when they were arriving and did arrive on time. They were both professional when they carried out the HVAC service and gave me a detailed rundown of how the system was running. They even dealt with the annoying whistling sound from the maligned air filter. Very happy with the service!

Melissa's Profile Image
Melissa, This month

We had Trevor out to fix our boiler, yes we have a boiler in our house. When I tell you I've had almost every other company in town out at some point promising their "boiler guy" could fix it, I'm not exaggerating. Trevor is the real deal! He is a genuine boiler guy and knew exactly what was going on. He fixed it in minutes, saved us money and headaches from other companies guessing at the problem. I was so happy with his work I immediately called their office and scheduled a tune up. What a relief it is to find such a wonderful honest company that employs professionals like Trevor.

Charles Cobau's Profile Image
Charles Cobau, This month

Billy at SOCO Heating & Cooling did a superb job installing our new AC system, and special thanks to Phil for being so informative and answering all of our questions before the work began. We love these guys and now we're proud and happy Cozy Club members! Seriously thank you all, what you did improved the quality of our lives greatly!

Dalton Simmerman's Profile Image
Dalton Simmerman, Last month

Trevor was so quick and helpful when I couldn't diagnose my HVAC issue on my own! He worked very quickly, was very informative, and he's also very friendly so we had a great time talking with him as well!

Benjamin Brown's Profile Image
Benjamin Brown, Last month

Trevor from SOCO came out to inspect the heating and cooling system in my house and was super professional and did a great job. He was right on time and very communicative. I've used SOCO in the past for whole house A/C install and have been very satisfied

Christina Stogsdill's Profile Image
Christina Stogsdill, Last month

If you're looking for an affordable, professional, kind and amazing company to install some new a/c (or anything they offer) look no further!

I had the best experience with any company ever here!

First off, we decided to move and then changed our mind so I was a little embarrassed by our house, we had boxes and a tornado of stuff packed in our garage still, and our weeds are taller than a small child. I was very insecure about my unpresentable yard and garbage but they were so gracious and kind it melted my insecurity away.

When it came to installation they were extremely communicative, well worded , and told me the what and the why behind each step.

They also confirmed everything was in excellent order so I wouldn't have to have them come back!

They were kind to my dogs, chatted with me and made me feel very comfortable with their presence in my home.

They also didn't do anything to upsell me or make me feel like I was scammed, I got a good system at a great comparable price and I wouldn't recommend anyone else.

I wish I could remember both names of the gentlemen who came as they both deserve a shout out.

Victor and I my guy with the tattoos and sick beard were the best installers.if I could give more stars I would.

GREAT products, great service and great people (:

Meghan Workman's Profile Image
Meghan Workman, Last month

SoCo is a great company, and their Cozy Club is well worth the money for the discounts and free tune-ups you get. We've used them when we lived in a house with central air and heat, and also in our new home that has a boiler and radiant heat. Trevor came out today for our fall boiler tune-up and did a fantastic job, pointing out areas of concern and giving us multiple options on how to fix them. SoCo is very reliable, and has always made time to fix any emergencies we've had. We highly recommend them for any HVAC or boiler needs you have.

Tara Fisher's Profile Image
Tara Fisher, Last month

Highly recommend! We bought a house during the winter and were not able to have the AC inspected due to low temps, so we definitely wanted to have professionals out to inspect the HVAC system and make sure everything was good to go....especially since we have an old system!
SoCo was the #1 recommendation on several FB pages, so that's who I went with. I am BEYOND pleased. First of all, impeccable, friendly and professional staff - from admin to technician. And they have been exactly on time or early (after calling to make sure that would be ok) every visit! I love that so much, because we're all busy people! Secondly, they give you plenty of options for services, but I have never felt pressured or obligated to agree to any...we were able to pick and choose what was feasible for us financially and they helped us determine how to achieve our end goal.
Recently we had Trevor come out to help diagnose a new problem with the HVAC indoor unit and he was amazing ???? he was able to isolate the issue and fix it right then/there, to get air flowing again...thank goodness because these hot days and stagnant air make me cranky ????
Thank you, SoCo...thank you Trevor! You will keep my business here on out!

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